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Marvel Comics: Dark Deeds in the Dark Web

A new crossover event will see Spider-Man, the X-Men, and a whole lot more tangled up in a mysterious web. Coming in December, we’ll get a one-shot special and a host of tie-in comics that will see some of our favourite heroes face a new villainous team-up.

Goblin Queen and Chasm decide to Team Up
A sign of things to come when Madelyn Pryor & Ben Reilly team up at the end of Free Comic Book Day 2022: Spider-Man/Venom Vol. 1 #1

Clones Done Wrong!

There are lots of clones in the Marvel Universe, some good and some not so good. A common theme with these clones is a tragic and heartbreaking backstory. This is very true for the villainous duo in Marvel’s upcoming Dark Web.

Madelyn Pryor is a clone of Jean Grey that was created by the villain Sinister. After a lot of difficulties and hard times (and some abandonment from Cyclops), she became the Goblin Queen, and she has some serious issues with the X-Men.

And then we have Ben Reilly. A clone of Peter Parker, now going by the name Chasm, who has been on both the side of good and bad at different points in his life. He too has a tragic backstory that led to his downfall, and now he’s teaming up with the Goblin Queen so that they can take back what they think is theirs.

  • Dark Web: X-Men #1 Cover
  • Dark Web: X-Men #2 Cover
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #16 Cover

X-Men and Venom and Spidey, Oh My!

The Dark Web saga will kick off on 7th December this year, and it will be bookended with two special one-shots, subtitled Dusk and Dawn. Dark Web: Dusk #1 will show us the extent of the alliance between Madelyn and Ben, why Venom is a crucial part of the plan, and also what this all means for Spider-Man and the X-Men.

But it’s not just these one-shots that we can look forward to. A special three-issue limited series called Dark Web: X-Men sees a hoard of demons from Limbo loose in New York. Limbo, once ruled by Magik, now has a new ruler. And she has a personal vendetta against the X-Men.

We’ll also get to see a stand-off between Peter Parker and Ben Reilly in The Amazing Spider-Man #16. With Chasm firmly finding his place as one of Spidey’s foes, who will come out on top?

  • Dark Web: Ms. Marvel Cover
  • Mary Jane & Black Cat #1 Cover

What Friends Are For

Alongside all of these limited series and one-shots, we’ll also be getting some tie-in issues. Think Spidey and the X-Men are the only ones caught up? Then think again. Oscorps newest intern, Kamala Khan, finds herself as the last line of defence against some wayward experiments, before eventually being trapped in Limbo.

And that’s not all. Peter has had a lot of love interests over the years, so it was only a matter of time before some of them would have to team up. This is where we start with Mary Jane & Black Cat. The duo also find themselves trapped in Limbo, and they’ll have to overcome their secrets and guilty consciences to escape.

  • Venom #14 Cover
  • Gold Goblin #2 Cover

The Enemy of My Enemy…

Spider-Man has come up against a whole host of morally ambiguous characters in his time. The fact that his villains aren’t always clear-cut makes his rogues gallery one of the most fascinating. With Norman Osborn recently taking a more heroic turn as the Gold Goblin, and Venom always toeing the line between right and wrong, it’s only fitting that they make an appearance in this web of mysteries.

In Gold Goblin #2, Norman Osborn will face a new opponent that might cut his heroic days short. And Eddie Brock is forced to face his fears under the manipulation of Madeline Pryor and Ben Reilly in Venom #14. What could happen to our favourite not-so-heroic heroes as the Dark Web unfolds?

Dark Web #1 Cover
Dark Web 1 #1, released on 7th December 2022, will see a new crossover that could bring down Spider-Man and the X-Men.

Enter the Dark Web

This is definitely a crossover that can’t be missed! It will likely have an impact on our character’s stories to come. With thought-provoking stories and mysterious goings-on, this will hopefully be a saga that will keep us hooked throughout!

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