Barry Keoghan Is Begging To Be In Taika Waititi’s ‘Star Wars’ Film

In the last 5 years, Barry Keoghan has gone from having a supporting role in a Christopher Nolan film to nabbing a superhero spot in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe being the next live-action Joker in Matt Reeves’ Batman franchise. Despite the success, the actor still has a few projects to cross off his bucket list.

In an exclusive interview with GQ, the actor revealed that one of those projects is actually Star Wars. And not just any Star Wars film, but the one that Taika Waititi is currently cooking up for Disney.

Speaking candidly, the actor admitted “I’m tryna meet him…I’ve been askin’ everyone.”

That is, unless he receives a call for a Batman or Eternals sequel. Despite being teased at the end of the caped crusader’s newest film, it has not been made clear if the actor will return or if he’ll continue to exist in the background of Gotham City.

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Although Patton Oswalt recently confirmed his involvement in a second Eternals movie, one has not been officially announced by Marvel. Not at San Diego Comic-Con or the Walt Disney Company’s D23 Expo.

Considering that the actor has not appeared in too many lighthearted films or comedies, it would be interesting to see him pull a role in Taika Waititi’s Star Wars film. Because that film still appears to be in the very early stages of pre-production, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


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