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Disney Working on Fantasy/Sci-Fi Reimagining of ‘Arabian Nights’

Disney is working on a live-action fantasy/sci-fi adaptation inspired by the middle eastern folktale series One Thousand And One Nights, aka Arabian Nights.

According to Deadline, the project is titled 1001 Nights and is being written and executive produced by Arash Amel, who wrote the Disney+ Original Movie Rise, the true story of NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Additional details on the projects are being kept under wraps at this time, but the trade reports this will be an original take drawn from the ancient folk tales and will be a standalone IP. This means it will not be related to Disney’s existing Aladdin franchise, which is still trying to get a sequel off the ground and has a spin-off movie Prince Anders in the works. Don’t expect this new movie to dabble into the Aladdin/Genie aspects/stories while Disney attempts to get Aladdin 2 off the ground.

The Arabian Nights is a story straight out of a romance novel. It’s an epic collection of Arabic folk tales written during the Islamic Golden Age. Supposedly, the legendary Scheherazade told these stories to her husband the sultan, a different tale every night for 1,001 days; therefore, the collection is sometimes called The Thousand and One Nights.

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