Lilly Singh & Tahj Mowry Tease Potential Musical Performances On ‘Muppets Mayhem’

The Muppets Mayhem may not come out until next year, but its promotional campaign has already begun. In fact, all of the show, its creators and most of its stars were the subject of an entire panel at New York Comic Con this weekend. At the panel, there were ton of new details revealed about the show. However, by the end there were still a ton of questions still left unanswered.

Fortunately, our Editor-in-Chief Dempsey Pillot was given the privilege to attend an exclusive roundtable afterwards with all of panel’s talent. There, he and several other journalists were able to ask some more pointed questions about series.

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Speaking with the two human leads of the series, it became apparent that the series would be a love letter to Muppets fans everywhere. That’s because both Lilly Singh’s Nora and Tahj Mowry’s Moog are the Electric Mayhem band’s biggest fans.

“Moog is the Electric Mayhem band’s number one fan,” Mowry clarified. He will do anything for this band. He goes to all of their shows and follows them everywhere. No matter where the show is, he’ll find a way to get there.” He further described the character as a “music head.”

“He knows his way around a mixing board,” he said. “He can mix. He can record. He can DJ. He could do it all.”

With that skill set, it’s an obvious dream to play a much bigger role in the band’s success. So when the opportunity arises for him to work with the band and possibly even help them record their first album, he realizes that he literally is living his best life.

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Unlike Moog, Nora isn’t immediately obsessed with Electric Mayhem. In fact, she has no idea who they are when the show begins. Her determination to be a high-ranking music executive leads her to become equally obsessed and fascinated with the band’s unorthodox approach to music and surprising amount of success.

Singh describes her character as ” a headstrong, stubborn aspiring music executive who realizes that [Electric] Mayhem never made it.” Singh revealed that she actually takes it upon herself to help the band produce its first album. The task does not prove to be an easy one though.

Singh says Nora learns how difficult it is to wrangle the band together. And she uses her strong connection to music and her personal drive to figure it all out along the way.

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Because the show is a musical, it’s only natural to assume that even the humans will get the chance to perform on the show. Given Singh’s background in hip hop (with her rap songs on YouTube) and Mowry’s brief foray into the music scene as a Disney kid (remember that all-star cover Circle of Life?), we genuinely asked if it would happen.

Both played coy at first, before eventually teasing that anything was possible. “There’s so many talented people on set,” Singh said. “And we all love attention,” Mowry added, before pivoting to the reason he believed so many people would the show would resonate with audiences new and old.

The beautiful thing about this show is and why the Muppets are so iconic is because they all look different. and they’re all different colors,” he said. “They all have different hair – and our show is kind of like that with our human cast as well.”

It’s just like a big melting pot of cultures. And that’s what the Muppets have always been about. They all look different, but they all come together and all about love and unity.”

Muppets Mayhem premieres on Disney+ sometime next year.

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