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RUMOR: The NBA’s Adam Silver On Shortlist To Become Disney’s Next CEO

Talk about the shot of a lifetime…

To most Adam Silver has been synonymous with the National Basketball Association for nearly a decade. Having been appointed the organization’s commissioner in 2014, he’s been integral to basketball’s nonstop growth and popularity. Similar to so many of his players, however, according to a new rumor he might soon be taking his talent elsewhere.

According to Fox Business analyst Charlie Gasparino, Silver is on at the top of supposed shortlist of names that could replace CEO Bob Iger when his (newest) tenure at the Walt Disney Company is up. The outlet says not one but two sources close to the matter have told them about Silver’s status.

Now, this doesn’t mean Silver is absolutely going to replace Iger. It just means that he’s one of the top contenders being considered. Iger is set to step down from the role of CEO for a final time in 2024.

The site claims that other names being considered are Disney’s current entertainment co-chair Dana Walden, as well asOther top candidates on the list include Dana Walden, Disney’s entertainment co-chair and Kevin Mayer, a former Disney executive, CEO of short-video app TikTok and now, founder and CEO of Candle Media former Disney executive, Kevin Mayer, who was the previous CEO of TikTok and is the founder and current CEO of Candle Media.

Disney reportedly declined to comment on the matter, according to FOX Business, but technically did not deny the existence of a shortlist to replace Iger. 

As always, because this has not been confirmed, we urge you to take this news with a grain of salt.

While anything is possible, despite Silver’s popularity, we at The DisInsider think it’s highly unlikely for him to take over the entire company after Iger steps down. Sure, ESPN is a major source of income for the House of Mouse, but having someone with a sole sports background could see it shift to a more sports-centric focus. At the end of the day, it might not make sense for someone like that to make big decisions about some of the company’s other divisions such as Parks or Marvel. That’s just our opinion though.

What do you guys think of Silvers’ name being floated around? Who would you like to see take Iger’s place? Sound off below!

SOURCE: Fox Business

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