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RUMOR: Marvel Courting Antonio Banderas For Massive ‘Fantastic Four’ Role

After years of waiting and speculating, casting announcements for Marvel’s next Fantastic Four film is imminent. Still, the rumor mill continues to spin. And the latest rumor not only teases who the film’s antagonist might be, but who might be playing him as well.

Wednesday, Giant Freaking Robot reported that Antonio Banderas had been offered the role of Galactus (yes!) in the upcoming film. Considering the site’s hit-or-miss track record, however, many took the news with a grain of salt. Then early Thursday the anonymous scooping account MyTimeToShineHello seemingly confirmed the news in a tweet.

Shortly after, another more trustworthy source came forward with some more confirmation. Alex from The Cosmic Circus quote-tweeted an older post of his casually alluding to Banderas’ casting.

Now, keep in mind that nothing is actually confirmed at this point in time. Considering the track record of the last two sources, however, we’re inclined to believe there is some validity to the rumor of Banderas being offered the role.

Should he accept it, the question remains: How will the world-eater fit into the film? Will it be a small role teasing him as the next big baddie after Kang? Or will he serve as a means to introduce another key cosmic ally like Silver Surfer? Sadly, we all just have to wait and see.

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Now, despite years of nonstop speculation, the casting process was confirmed to have finally begun in mid-February. Shortly before that was revealed, director Matt Shakman was seen having lunch with actress Mila Kunis. This led many to believe she may be in the running for the film. That obviously still remains to be seen.

The last we heard, the film isn’t on track to begin shooting until next year. Writing duo Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer were also replaced by Avatar scribe Josh Friedman.  

Matt Shakman (WandaVision) set to direct. Moon Knight producers Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin are also on board.

Fantastic Four hit theaters on February 14, 2025. 

SOURCES: GFR, MyTimeToShineHello, The Cosmic Circus

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