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Several Original Titles Set To Be Removed From Disney+ & Hulu Next Week

In a surprising move, Disney will begin pulling content from both of its primary streaming platforms next week!

According to Deadline, the move is being done as a “content impairment charge” ranging from $1.5- $1.8 billion. For those who may not be familiar that kind of corporate lingo, it means that the company is shedding said content for a tax write-off.

Many might recall that Warner Bros. Discovery did a similar purge last year, which included the complete cancellation of the already-completed superhero film Batgirl.

The move was allegedly first announced during the company’s most recent earnings call.

At the time, CFO Christine McCarthy teased that some of the company’s content would be reviewed ” to align with the strategic changes in our approach to content curation.” It wasn’t until today that it was revealed which pieces of content would be removed.

According to Deadline, some of the following titles are expected to disappear permanently. That is, unless Disney announces a physical release in the near future:

Big Shot [Disney+]
Black Beauty [Disney+]
Turner & Hooch [Disney+]
The Mysterious Benedict Society [Disney+]
The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers [Disney+]
Willow [Disney+]
Diary of a Future President [Disney+]
Just Beyond [Disney+]
The World According to Jeff Goldblum [Disney+]
Marvel’s Project Hero [Disney]
Rosaline [Disney+]
Cheaper by the Dozen remake [Disney+]
The One and Only Ivan [Disney+]
Stargirl [Disney+]
Encore! [Disney+]
Magic Camp [Disney+]
Howard [Disney+]
Earth to Ned [Disney+]
Wolfgang [Disney+]
The Premise [Hulu]
Love in the Time of Corona [Hulu]
Everything’s Trash [Hulu]
Maggie [Hulu]
Dollface [Hulu]
The Quest [Hulu]
The Hot Zone [Nat Geo/Hulu]
Y: The Last Man [FX/Hulu]
Little Demon [FX/Hulu]

We will update the list if it changes.

SOURCE: Deadline

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