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Walt Disney World to introduce “Park-Specific” Disney Genie+ Options

Are you visiting Walt Disney World soon? Well, you’ll need to know about the new updates coming to Genie+ in the parks, with a new addition coming to the premium, and a pretty expensive ticket add-on.

Beginning June 27, Guests at Walt Disney World will now purchase Disney Genie+ service based on how they want to visit. Guests can select either a single-park option or a multiple-parks option, subject to availability. With this update, prices may now be lower at some Walt Disney World theme parks compared to others. Guests will continue to be able to purchase Disney Genie+ service through the My Disney Experience app on the day of their visit.

How Will the Disney Genie+ Pricing Work Now?

The first prices on June 27 are as followed:

Multiple Parks: $27/person
Magic Kingdom:
Hollywood Studios:
Animal Kingdom:

Image: Scott Gustin /Twitter

Prices are subject to change and variable on peak visiting times, so make sure to check the My Disney Experience app for the correct prices.


Personally, I think this is a move in the right direction. It makes the offering of Genie+ much more straightforward, and the cheaper prices work really well. During my first time talking about Disney Genie+, and reviewing the add-on, I wrote this:

I do think it is a real shame that the old Fastpass system has evolved into a paid one, especially when you consider it is $15 per person. I’d argue that if Disney World didn’t offer the ability to park hop, that Genie+ should be priced differently for each of the parks, due to the vast difference in number of attractions. Comparing Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom, it is astonishing that someone would consider the value of Genie+ to be the same for each park.

Additionally, I reiterated this point when variable pricing was introduced in October 2022:

Both Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios have a considerably larger offering of Lightning Lanes, so I find it interesting that Disney considers $22 a fair price when offering 22 Magic Kingdom attractions, at the same as offering the same price for just 10 Animal Kingdom attractions…

Since I wrote both pieces, park hopping has returned to Walt Disney World so the changes to the service make sense to happen, however, strange it’s taken this long to implement. I will say, it’s great to see that Disney is taking into guest reviews of the service (in their press release, they state that they “will continue to listen to guest feedback and will share more information about updates to Disney Genie+ in the future.” which is highly positive.

They’ve taken into consideration probably the biggest issue initially about the service, that there is a vast difference in quality for a user’s visit to each of the parks when using Genie+. 10 Animal Kingdom attractions are nowhere near worth the same as 22 at Magic Kingdom, whatsoever. Even though it took them almost 2 years, an improvement has been made to the costly service, bringing a tiny bit more magic to guests in the park! That is until Disney decide to increase the prices even more, without adding anything to the service for another year…

Does this encourage you to purchase Disney Genie+?

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