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Genie+ Variable Pricing introduced at Walt Disney World, but Why?

It was announced yesterday that Walt Disney World is introducing a new pricing system for their Genie+ service.

The new pricing system for Genie+ introduces off-peak and peak pricing for the service. For example, during October, prices will range between $15 and $22, including tax. Varying day to day, it will increase depending on how busy it is. No information is currently known for following months. Similar prices should be expected, and nothing is ruling out Disney from going beyond the higher pricing of $22 either…

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Additionally, individual Lighting Lanes also face the same pricing increases

As previously mentioned in my review of Disney’s Genie+ service, the cost was already too high and I don’t think increasing is going to encourage people to spend the money (even though we know they will). A family of four is now looking at possibly spending $88 (plus tax) for one single day of Genie+. If there should be any variable pricing introduced,

Magic Band used with Disney's Genie+ service

Is Disney getting Genie+ wrong?

Another thing I pointed out in my review was that I think the price fluctuation shouldn’t be based on the day of the week but the number of attractions a park has instead.

Both Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios have a considerably larger offering of Lightning Lanes, so I find it interesting that Disney considers $22 a fair price when offering 22 Magic Kingdom attractions, at the same as offering the same price for just 10 Animal Kingdom attractions…

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Another baffling decision is that Disney are not publicly revealing the price for Genie+ on a specific day ahead of time, and guests will be incredibly frustrated by this. Despite supporting the service initially, Ipersonally don’t approve of these new pricing adjustments and hope Disney looks into guest feedback once these changes have been implemented.

This new pricing system is incredibly symbolic of Chapek’s Disney. Yet another move The Walt Disney Company has made since COVID-19 that is priortising profits over its guests. I really don’t see this being the end of these patterns unfortunately. I look forward to finding out what park guests think of this Genie+ news.

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