Hulu Launches Adult Animation, Anime Hub Animayhem

Hulu is set to launch a new sub-brand called Animayhem, which will focus on adult animation and anime, Variety has learned. This move aims to take advantage of Hulu’s already successful lineup of adult animation and anime shows. Notably, popular series such as American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Futurama, and King of the Hill consistently rank among Hulu’s top 10 shows in terms of hours streamed. According to Hulu, they have already streamed over one billion hours of adult animation content and over 288 million hours of anime content this year.

Hulu currently boasts an impressive collection of adult animated series, including 46 series with 174 seasons and 2,600 episodes. In terms of anime, Hulu offers 17 films and 272 series, which amounts to 435 seasons and 18,400 episodes, including both subtitled and English dubbed versions.

To mark the launch of Animayhem, Hulu will introduce a series of ads showcasing the brand as the “Animation Destination.” This move aims to solidify Hulu’s position as the ultimate streaming platform for animation. Gruner emphasized that single-title campaigns would not be sufficient to achieve this goal, and instead, Animayhem represents a blend of Hulu’s original programming and extensive library.

The debut of Animayhem precedes the highly anticipated return of Futurama on July 24, a show that Hulu commissioned in February 2022. Additionally, Hulu has ordered a revival of King of the Hill, although no premiere date has been announced at the time of this report. The discussions surrounding the revival of “King of the Hill” began in 2017 but were delayed due to the 21st Century Fox-Disney merger, which saw Disney acquiring 20th Television and other assets but not the broadcast network.

Both Futurama and King of the Hill are former Fox shows, and the new episodes will be produced by 20th Television Animation, the same studio behind some of Hulu’s most successful adult animated series like Family Guy, American Dad, and Bob’s Burgers. Gruner expressed gratitude for the close collaboration with Marci Proietto, head of 20th Television Animation, who has been at the forefront of these animation trends for decades.

To engage with fans, Hulu will bring Animayhem to San Diego Comic-Con through an immersive experience titled “Hulu Animayhem: Into the Second Dimension.” This interactive journey will allow fans to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite animated shows. Gruner emphasized that this is just one of the ways they are connecting with fans, as they are also active on various social platforms, broadcast, podcasts, devices, gaming, streaming music, and out-of-home advertising. They will leverage their presence at SDCC to employ unique engagement tactics such as a TikTok bracket challenge and AR filters. The creative marketing team, led by Aaron Goldman, has been instrumental in capturing the spirit and fun of adult animation across all these initiatives.

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