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‘Gargoyles’ Remastered Video Game Coming to Modern Consoles

Disney Afternoon fans, rejoice! Disney Games has teamed up with Empty Clip Studios and Limited Run Games, announcing a Gargoyles ‘Remastered’. The game is set to release on PC and modern consoles October 19th 2023.

Play as Goliath in this revival of the 16-bit side scroll adventure from the 90’s, inspired by the original cartoon. Set out on a quest to find and destroy the Eye of Odin before its powers can be used for evil and destroy the world. Fight vicious Vikings in Scotland to aggressive robots in Manhattan as you help Goliath fight alongside his fellow Gargoyles with their stone-crushing strength and other abilities and lead them to victory.

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The Remaster comes equipped with enhanced visuals, animation, a killer soundtrack, and SFX while still keeping the charm of the original game. If the new graphics aren’t your style, you can toggle them to play through the remaster with the original games 16-bit settings. Missed a jump and anticipating the ‘Game Over’ screen? Simply use the rewind feature to go back through time and reattempt it like it never happened. Achievements have also been added so you can feel further accomplished in your progress.

The base game will be available digitally for $14.99USD. Disney Games has also announced a physical ‘Collector’s’ Edition which will come out alongside the digital release. The Collector’s Edition will feature an exclusive NECA Goliath figurine and the retro white clamshell case. Pre-Orders are available from September 8th to October 22nd. Gargoyles Remastered releases October 9th on X-Box One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for PC.

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