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Square Enix’s ‘Marvel’s: Avengers’ Leaving Steam

The Marvel’s Avengers video made in collaboration with Square Enix and Marvel is permanently leaving the Steam Store September 30th.

Steam is hosting a sale for the game until September 27th, selling it at 90% off for $5.29 CAND. After poor performances during its three year run, Marvel’s Avengers will be removed permanently from the Steam store. This means it will be no longer eligible for digital purchase. The developers have reassured fans that the game will still be playable if they already own a copy, regardless if its installed or not on their steam account.

The developers have also gone on record to explain what will be happening after September 30th. All currently available content such as Expansions and DLC will continue to be playable in both solo and multiplayer. Limited-Time events will continue to operate in a two-week rotation, along with reward refreshes. The main story Campaign “Operation” and the most recent expansion “War For Wakanda” will continue to be playable. The only non-returning feature is their customer support which will end after September 30th.

Marvel’s Avengers follows Kamala Khan as she navigates learning to control her new superpowers whilst bringing the Avengers back together. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes disbanded after a devastating attack at the unveiling of their new headquarters in San Francisco, and for the next five years, Super Heroes were outlawed.

Marvel’s Avengers is available for purchase until September 30th, before it’s permanently removed from digital stores forever. If you haven’t played it until now, assemble your own team of Avengers and grab your copy before it’s gone.

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