Now Reading: From Disney To Disgrace? Jonas Brothers Reportedly Scam Fans In Mexico (EXCLUSIVE)

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From Disney To Disgrace? Jonas Brothers Reportedly Scam Fans In Mexico (EXCLUSIVE)

October 26, 2023Andrea Moreno

This is an S.O.S: The Jonas Brothers owe their fans in Guadalajara a lot of money.

Camp Rock and Jonas L.A. stars Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas, better known as the Jonas Brothers, have allegedly defrauded several fans in Guadalajara, Mexico due to a concert of theirs that never took place last year.

The Jonas Brothers announce their Remember This Tour in 2021


The Jonas Brothers were among the first artists that braved to go on tour after the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to get under control, as they announced their Remember This Tour in early 2021. 

The tour went on to feature a total of 52 shows, beginning in Las Vegas and stopping by several US cities, before concluding in Monterrey, Mexico in September of 2022. 

For the Mexican leg of the tour, two shows were announced at first: One in Mexico City and another one in Monterrey, and they were supposed to be held on February 22nd and 25th, 2022 respectively.

These shows however, were later rescheduled and a second date was added on each location, making the new dates August 29 and 30th and September 1st and 2nd 2022 respectively. 

It was around this time when the Guadalajara show was also announced.

The Jonas Brothers announce their Remember This Tour would be going to Mexico, but dates were later rescheduled.

What happened with the Jonas Brothers’ show in Guadalajara?

The show in Guadalajara, Mexico was originally announced and scheduled for August 27th, 2022 and tickets went on sale on June 23rd of said year, which is when most fans bought them.

Prices went from $2,400 to $5,500 Mexican pesos (about $135-$305 USD to today’s exchange) before the extra commission added by the chosen ticket sales company, La Taquilla MX, by purchasing the tickets online through their website.

Original poster for the Jonas Brothers' Remember This Tour stop in Guadalajara.

Less than two weeks before the show was set to take place, both the concert promoter company (Zamora Live) and the Jonas Brothers sent out a statement in Spanish to inform fans that the concert would be rescheduled to November 5th, 2022 due to “bad weather concerns.”

They promised that the tickets purchased for the August show would be valid for the new date and that no further actions were required from the concertgoers. The ticket sales for the new date also remained open through La Taquilla MX’s website.

Still, fans expressed disappointment in the abruptness of the notice, especially because many of them had already made arrangements to travel to Guadalajara for the concert from other states.

Statement from The Jonas Brothers, concert promoter, Zamora Live, and ticket sales company, LaTaquillaMx, about the rescheduled show in Guadalajara.

What happened next?

The shows in Mexico City and Monterrey then took place without further delays on the later promised dates during fall of 2022 and fans were excited for the Jonas Brothers to arrive in Guadalajara next.

Guadalajara’s November 5th date even appeared in the official merch sold at the other Mexican shows.

However, less than a month before the concert’s new date, the promoter sent out another statement informing fans that the show was to be rescheduled yet again due to “various unforeseen situations in the international production” of the show.

It stated once again that all purchased tickets would be still valid for the new date. However, this time a new date was not announced.

And because the show was merely postponed indefinitely and not actually canceled, “La Taquilla MX” did not initially facilitate the refund process for the fans.

The second statement about the Remember This Tour in Guadalajara.

What happened with the refunds?

In late 2022, La Taquilla MX temporarily released a (super shady) Google Form for fans to input their card information and request their refunds, as they claimed that they would need to be done manually.

However, they did not offer any way to track the process of the refunds (or to even confirm that the form had been received correctly) and they became increasingly hard to contact about it.

Since then, only a handful of fans have successfully received their refunds and that was months after the form was first released.

But none of them received a refund for La Taquilla MX’s commision, taking a loss of about 10% of the total amount paid for each ticket.

Fans who rejected or failed to fill the form before the company’s set deadline (January 2023) have not yet been provided with a new way to request for their refunds and they are merely asked to wait for news about the show’s new rescheduled date.

What did the Jonas Brothers have to say about the concert in Guadalajara?

To great shock and greater disappointment of fans, the Jonas Brothers have still not said a word about the Guadalajara concert to this day.

They never shared the last statement of the postponed show through any of their official social media accounts and in fact proceeded to delete all traces of the Guadalajara concert from all of their feeds, like the concert never existed at all.

Many fans also continue to DM them directly and to comment in their recent posts inquiring about the concert, but without any response whatsoever on their part.

And to add even more salt to the injury, no dates were announced for Mexico at all earlier this year when they revealed that they would be embarking on their current tour, The World Tour.

So, as of writing this post, neither party, from the promoter to the ticket company nor the Jonas Brothers’ Group themselves have taken full accountability for this mishap and left over 300 fans in Guadalajara unsure when or even if their refund will actually take place.

We hope that, by reading this article, all the involved parties will decide to do the right thing for these fans and provide them with a way to receive their well-deserved refunds in full as soon as possible.

And we also hope they decide to be more careful with this kind of delicate matters when planning for all future Jonas Brothers shows, in Mexico or anywhere else.

Stay tuned at for any new updates on this story.

Andrea Moreno

I'm Andrea, a Social Media Marketing & Content Specialist with over 7 years of experience, dedicated to crafting compelling narratives and amplifying brand voices. When I'm not delving into digital strategies, you'll find me engrossed in books and movies, drawing inspiration from the art of storytelling. And as a devoted Disney enthusiast, I also love immersing myself in the magic of Disney's timeless tales. Join me in navigating the enchanting world of Disney as we make every pixel count and every story unforgettable.


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    From Disney To Disgrace? Jonas Brothers Reportedly Scam Fans In Mexico (EXCLUSIVE)

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