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Disney Updates It’s Theatrical Release Schedule Through 2023!

On the heels of Disney/Marvel Studios announcing the new worldwide release date for Avengers: Infinity War. Walt Disney Studios has released an updated calendar for its slate of upcoming projects through 2023.

•Mulan which was previously dated on 11/2/18 moves to 3/27/20.
•Untitled Live-Action set for 10/4/19.
•Untitled Live-Action dated for 11/8/19.
•Untitled Live-Action dated for 2/14/20.
•Untitled Pixar Animation which was previously scheduled for 3/13/20 moves to 3/6/20.
•Untitled Live-Action which was previously set for on 4/3/20 moves to 5/29/20.
•Untitled Marvel which was previously set for 8/7/20 moves to 7/31/20.
•Untitled Live-Action now dated 10/9/20.
•Untitled Live-Action dated for12/23/20.
•Untitled Live-Action scheduled for 2/12/21.
•Untitled Marvel set for on 5/7/21.
•Untitled Live-Action scheduled on 5/28/21.
•Untitled Live-Action set for 7/9/21.
•Untitled Marvel dated for 7/30/21.
•Untitled Live-Action now set for 10/8/21.
•Untitled Marvel now scheduled on 11/5/21.
•Untitled Live-Action now set for 12/22/21.
•Untitled Marvel dated for 2/18/22.
•Untitled Pixar scheduled for on 3/18/22.
•Untitled Marvel dated for 5/6/22.
•Untitled Live-Action now set on 5/27/22.
•Untitled Pixar scheduled for 6/17/22.
•Untitled Live-Action schedule on 7/8/22.
•Untitled Marvel now dated on 7/29/22.
•Untitled Live-Action scheduled for 10/7/22.
•Untitled Live-Action set for on 11/4/22.
•Untitled Animation set for 11/23/22.
•Untitled Live-Action set for on 12/16/22.
•Untitled Live-Action set for 2/17/23.

There are tons of projects expected to be announced for these dates soon, such as…

Jungle Cruise, DisEnchanted, Prince Charming, Haunted Mansion, Maleficent 2, Pirates 6, Merlin, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, James And The Giant Peach, Cruella, amongst others.

For Marvel expect Black Panther 2, Black Widow, Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, and Doctor Strange 2.

For Star Wars it’s a little harder to guess, Rian Johnson’s trilogy, Announcements Of Ep 10-12, Obi-Wan stand-alone, and the unknown movies from the Game Of Thrones writers.

Pixar will start creating more original stories post Toy Story 4, those projects are unknown at this time.

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