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Disney Streaming Service Name Announced With New Details

Disney revealed the name of its upcoming streaming service along with new details for what it will encompass.

According to the report, the new streaming service will be called Disney Play. Disney CEO Bob Iger went on to say that it will be one of the company’s biggest, most important ventures in 2019. Beyond this, however, the report only seems to confirm what many already knew or suspected.

Captain Marvel, out in theaters this March, will be the first Marvel Studios production to be offered exclusively through Disney Play, where other Disney projects poised to be box office heavyweight hits in 2019 Toy Story 4Frozen 2, and live-action re-imaginings of The Lion KingAladdin and Dumbo will act as key selling points for the Disney service.

The service, however, will reportedly not be nearly as expensive as Netflix. The actual amount is currently unknown but the report seemed to indicate that the subscription fee will be significantly given the lighter content load. Hopefully, the price will be worth the content.

Iger mentioned with new content coming from Fox the studio will have more to create and offer. Disney already has a lot of content in development for the streaming service including live-action remakes of Lady And The Tramp, Sword In The Stone, Peter Pan as well as Noelle starring Anna Kendrick, Magic Camp starring Adam Devine, Stargirl, 3 Men And A Baby, Don Quixote, Timmy Failure, The Paper Magician, and Togo, amongst others. The service will also feature various series including Monsters Inc., High School Musical, The Mighty Ducks, Jon Favreau’s untitled Star Wars project, as well Marvel projects.

Disney Play will debut sometime in the Fall of 2019.


As of now Disney Play is not the official name of the streaming service and is a term put together by Iger but is not an official announcement of the sevices name. However the rest of the information regarding the service in the article is true.

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