Netflix Cancels ‘Luke Cage’ After Two Seasons

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Just last week Netflix made the decision to cancel Marvel’s Iron Fist after just two seasons. Now another member of the Defenders has suffered the same fate.

According to Deadline, Marvel’s other series Luke Cage has been cancelled after only two seasons and twenty-six episodes. The last time we saw the bulletproof hero of Harlem, Luke Cage had been crowned the owner of the nightclub Harlem’s Paradise after the death of Mariah Dillard.

The Luke Cage account posted a message for fans via Twitter.

Iron Fist star also showed his support.

Like Iron Fist, Luke Cage‘s second season made serious improvements from its first.

With both Iron Fist and Luke Cage both canceled at Netflix, there are whispers that Marvel May have some plans for a Heroes for Hire show or a Daughters of the Dragon series on Disney’s exclusive streaming service.

Source: Deadline

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