Now Reading: Disney/Lucasfilm Reportedly Developing Numerous ‘Star Wars’ Shows On Disney +

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Disney/Lucasfilm Reportedly Developing Numerous ‘Star Wars’ Shows On Disney +

February 19, 2019Derek Cornell

Over the last couple days, we have been hearing minor details on Disney/Lucasfilm developing more TV series’ set in the Star Wars universe.

Disney/Lucasfilm just finished wrapping up The Mandalorians, which will be the first show released for the service. They are also developing a Cassian Andor (Rogue One) series, which will see Diego Luna return as the titular character.

Today, HNEntertainment has reported a list of shows are could be in early development for the Disney streaming service, Disney +.

Young Princess Leia

This could prove to be a really successful show. Not only will it showcase Leia in a more heroic and lead role but it could dive into the events between the end of Revenge of the Sith and the beginning of A New Hope. The site posted that Millie Bobby Brown is a fan favorite to play the young princess and we totally agree!

Captain Phasma

This has potential to be a really awesome show. Captain Phasma has had barely any screen time, so her own show could prove very successful. Little is know about her character so we may get to see her upbringing and how she became the character she is today.

The Knights Of Ren

This has been something we’ve all wanted to see since hearing about Kylo Ren. We got concept art featuring the Knights back when The Force Awakens was make it’s rounds; however, nothing has been said about it as of late.

Rose Tico

This is an interesting choice but not one I’ve would have made my self. She was one of the protagonists in The Last Jedi and helped Finn gain the upper hand in the second act. Like Phasma, not much is known about her character except that her sister dies in the beginning of the film. Maybe a show that dives more into her character will be successful?

Darth Bane

This is the show that everybody and their mother wants to see. Darth Bane and the Old Republic concepts have fascinated Star Wars fans for years and this could be our introduction. Darth Bane is the originator of the “Rule of Two”; One master to have the power and an apprentice to crave it. Having this series could tie the knot on how the empire began.

There are still no actual confirmation on these concepts as of yet but just having this gets us excited!

Which one would you be excited for? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: HNEntertainment


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Derek Cornell

Derek is an entertainment journalist based out of Los Angeles, California. For the last six years, he has been covering everything in film and television and has written for various news outlets, such as The Cinema Insider, That Hashtag Show, Full Circle Cinema, and is now the Co-Editor-in-Chief of The DisInsider. You can him on Twitter @derekcorneii.


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    Disney/Lucasfilm Reportedly Developing Numerous ‘Star Wars’ Shows On Disney +

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