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Disney heiress left “livid” by working conditions at Disneyland

Various news sites are shining a spotlight on how the Walt Disney Company is paying and treating its workers after Disney heiress Abigail Disney was left less than impressed after a recent visit to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

Filmmaker and philanthropist Abigail Disney – the granddaughter of Roy O. Disney, a co-founder of Disneyland – recently visited the resort, after she received a distressed Facebook message from a Disneyland worker. Disney visited the park undercover so that she could speak to the staff and see the working environment with her own eyes.

The heiress has since revealed her shocking findings on Yahoo! News’ Through Her Eyes, a news show hosted by human rights activist Zainab Salbi.

Disney told Yahoo! News: “Every single one of these people I talked to were saying, ‘I don’t know how I can maintain this face of joy and warmth when I have to go home and forage for food in other people’s garbage”, going on to stress that this was not the working environment her grandfather had once envisioned.

“I was so livid when I came out of there because, you know, my grandfather taught me to revere these people that take your tickets, that pour your soda,” she continued.

Disney went on to point the finger at Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger, saying he isn’t doing enough to rectify the huge pay difference between his $66 million annual salary and that of the average Disney worker.

The heiress told Yahoo! News that she recently emailed Mr. Iger to discuss her concerns. Disney said to Iger: “You know, you’re a great CEO by any measure, perhaps even the greatest CEO in the country right now. You know, your legacy is that you’re a great manager. And if I were you, I would want something better than that. I would want to be known as the guy who led to a better place, because that is what you have the power to do.”

According to Disney, she is yet to receive a reply from Iger.

Source: Yahoo! News

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