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Tom Hiddleston Teases Loki Series Coming To Disney+

Everyone’s favorite Asgardian villain Loki will be getting his own series on Disney+, and while much isn’t known at this time, series star Tom Hiddleston has shared some details on the upcoming series.

While speaking with EW, Hiddleston teased that he would be returning to the character for a 2020 production start, and why he’s excited to return to the character once again.

“It’s very, very exciting because in many ways it’s the character you know, but in a context, you’ve never seen him in before. And if I say any more, I’m gonna say too much,” he said. “So that’s what’s so thrilling — there’s so much to explore that I haven’t yet explored. That’s very exciting.”

Last month at San Diego Comic-Con, Hiddleston made an appearance at Hall H to reveal that Loki will follow an Avengers-era version of the character (which tracks with how Asgard’s god of mischief made his exit during the foiled time heist in Avengers: Endgame).

“Just about the last thing that happened to him was he got Hulk-smashed. So there’s a lot of psychological evolution that is still yet to happen,” he said at the Marvel Comic-Con panel. “[Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige] has generally shown me what his plans are. I can’t tell you any of them, but it is one of the most exciting creative opportunities I think I’ve ever come across. This is new territory, a new world, new challenges, and I cannot wait to get started.”

Rick and Morty writer Michael Waldron will be the showrunner for the series that will debut on Disney+ in Spring 2021.

Source: EW

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