Worried Star Wars Fans Launch #WheresRose Campaign

There’s about three months left until The Rise of Skywalker premieres, yet there hasn’t been much word on Star Wars first Asian character, Rose Tico.  Along with the release coming up, another Triple Force Friday, a day in which new merchandise for the film is released, is occurring next Thursday night at 12AM.

There have been multiple leaked photos of merchandise and a particular calendar has become a concern, since it pays homage to almost all the main characters for every month, except for Rose.

While this may seem like a small concern, fans are starting to get suspicious after the lack of her presence in any of the two The Rise of Skywalker teasers.  Only two photos of her from the new installments have been released and otherwise, we’re in the dark on whether she’s going to be in the film for more than a couple minutes.

Star Wars fans decided to combat this by taking to Twitter to start the hashtag #WheresRose, a play on the hashtag #WheresRey.  Back when The Force Awakens was released, fans encountered the same problem with Hasbro with the main character, Rey. I guess even being the main character can’t save you from some good ole’ capitalistic sexism?

While Rose had some mixed reception from fans, Rian Johnson bringing on Kelly Marie Tran to play Star Wars first Asian character was revolutionary.  It meant a lot to me specifically, as an Asian American woman, to see myself being represented in my favorite franchise. I can only hope that Rose gets her justice in this final film.

The Rise of Skywalker comes out in theaters on December 20, 2019.

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