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Daniel Radcliffe Reportedly Being Considered For The Role of Moon Knight

Well, it looks like we are getting closer to finding out who lands the role titular role for Marvel Studios’ Disney+ series Moon Knight, as casting is underway.

According to Full Circle Cinema, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is a name the studio is looking at for the role. Reports claim that they are looking for a Jewish actor to fill the role, which Radcliffe meets the requirement for.

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Jeremy Slater (Umbrella Academy) will lead the writing team on Moon Knight.

Moon Knight follows Marc Spector a man who’s been shattered into 4 separate identities who come together to become the hooded crusader of vengeance: The Moon Knight. Earlier reports stated that the studio was looking for a “Zac Efron-type,” and preferably someone of Israeli descent to play Moon Knight, however as Radcliffe has gotten older he’s fitting the Efron-type of physique.

Series coming to Disney+

Moon Knight will debut on Disney+ and will ultimately crossover onto the big screen in future films along with Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk.

Production on Moon Knight is expected to begin April 2020 at Pinewood Studios in the UK, with hopes of 2021 debut on the streamer however no set release schedule has been announced as of yet.

Source: Full Circle Cinema

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