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Walt Disney Animation Studios CCO Jennifer Lee Discusses, Her New Position, Disney+, and The Possibility of A Third ‘Frozen’ Film

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen 2 turned out to be a box office smash like its 2013 predecessor, the film has grossed over $1.2 billion at the worldwide box office, which begs the question, will a third Frozen be on the way?

While speaking with Deadline, Walt Disney Animation Chief Creative Officer and Frozen 2 director Jennifer Lee discussed her new position with the legendary animation studio, the possibilities of Disney+ and the chances of a third Frozen.

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When asked about her time as CCO (a position she took over from John Lasseter a year ago) and her vision moving forward, Lee shared her enthusiasm for working with a diverse background of filmmakers.

“I think the main thing for us is growing as storytellers, expanding on the legacy, and supporting the legacy, in ways that are timeless and then timely, and that’s always a juggle. But other initiatives for us are, we want to tell the stories of the world, by the people of the world. We want to be creating partnerships and opportunities for a diversity of filmmakers. We say this and mean this: Talent is universal; access is not. So, we work really hard to grow talent from within, and make sure we’re spotting it right—that we’re using all the tools to do that, and then finding new talent to join us. Disney+ is a great opportunity for us, growing.”

Lee continues highlighting Walt Disney’s lasting legacy

“You know, Walt’s big thing was always that you can’t rest on your laurels. You have to keep changing and pushing yourself creatively, trying things you’ve never tried before and being fearless, and I want to make sure we keep doing that. It’s scary taking risks. There’s no reliable formula, but at the same time, we are a studio [where] all 800 of us stay together, film after film. We push each other; we challenge each other. It’s a very unique experience. I feel very lucky. But I also know those things are how we’re going to keep being worthy of being Walt Disney Animation Studios, which means a lot to us.”

Lee was asked the possibilities of Disney+ can have for the animation studio, and she shared that some new animation technologies can help tell new original stories, and continue new stories with existing IP.

“The greatest thing for us at Disney Animation is it allows us to experiment more with technology, and develop new talent. You know, it takes all of us to do one film a year, —800 people. Most of us are working on one, and there’s a percentage on the one after that, at the same time, and that doesn’t provide for taking big risks in any other way than with that film, or with the films that are up next, or with the films five years from now. We’ve always done shorts programs and things, but that was limited, in how we could reach the world with it.

But to have Disney+, whether it’s something from the Frozen canon or something brand new and original, we have a range of artists now. Some have just done completely original shorts, and we’re really looking to them. Are they the next generation of feature directors? Then, we have others who are inspired by something off of one of our films that already exists, and it gives a chance for them to develop that IP, and a new technology to go along with it, for real-time rendering and things like that.”

It makes us stronger for our features, but it also makes us stronger because we have avenues for all the talent to reveal themselves. So we’ve been loving this. We have a Short Circuit program: Anyone can submit blind submissions, and then get to do a two-minute short. We have shorts that we have given opportunities for people to do; we’re looking at series. So, for us, the real issue is going to be a balance of time and resources, to make sure that everyone is well-paced in all they want to do. We couldn’t be more excited, but it is a challenge because animation isn’t fast and it isn’t cheap. So, you have to be really thoughtful about it, and we have long-term and short-term goals that we’ll keep developing.”

Finally, Lee was asked the question fans have been waiting for… What are the chances of a third Frozen film and Lee’s answer comes as no surprise, as Frozen 2 has only been in theaters for a little over a month now.

“I know this sounds crazy, but I’m still hoping we did right by Frozen 2. I’m still in that overwhelming position of, our kids just went out to the world. Everything feels final, but also bittersweet. Time will tell if we have more story to tell, or if anyone even wants it. So, there you have it. [laughs] Right now, I feel very done.”

Personally, I believe that Lee will be more as an overseer moving forward, similar to Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige. So the chances of her directing a third Frozen film are slim, not impossible though. However, like Lee stated Disney+ gives them the perfect opportunity to create new material in and out of Arrendalle.


Directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, the films original voice cast return with, Kristen Bell (Anna), Idina Menzel (Elsa), Josh Gad (Olaf), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff), Along with new additions to the cast Evan Rachel Wood (Queen Iduna) and Sterling K. Brown (Lt. Mattias).

Frozen 2 is in theaters now.

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