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U.S. Disney Parks Remain Open But Are Taking Measures To Keep Guests Safe

The Walt Disney Company is keeping a close eye on the coronavirus when it comes to its theme parks and despite the closure of the Asian parks, the U.S. parks remain open, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t taking measures to make would-be guests safe.

Chief Medical officer for Disney Parks, Dr. Pamela Hymel, says both U.S. parks are kept exceptionally clean and sanitized but will continue to monitor and take additional measures with the rapid rise in the virus’ spread. Hymel released a statement:

“As part of our commitment to the health and well-being of our cast, guests and the larger community, we are carefully monitoring the evolving coronavirus situation and are in regular contact with health agencies for information and guidance. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, are welcoming guests as usual and we continue to implement preventive measures in line with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health agencies.”

Hymel’s statement pointed out something most Disney Park-goers already know, that the Disney Parks custodial team is on point when it comes to keeping the park clean and sanitized. She also pointed out certain procedures that include, defined cycles for frequent cleaning and disinfection of targeted areas, access to handwashing facilities and hand sanitizers, and end-of-day sanitation procedures for restroom, kitchen and other facilities.

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As of this article, both Disneyland and Walt Disney World remain open to guests during normal operating hours.

The company’s newest theme park, Shanghai Disney Resort has been closed since January 25, but has slowly started re-opening restaurants and shopping destinations. However, the theme park itself remains closed. Hong Kong Disneyland also closed around the same time, followed by both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea near the end of February.

The Walt Disney Family Museum (Not a formal part of The Walt Disney Company), which is located in San Fransisco, closed its doors this week after a relative of an employee was infected. It is unclear when the museum will reopen.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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