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The Mandalorian’s “Jeans Guy” Digitally Removed by Disney+

He appeared for a brief moment in time but his legend will live on for eternity. The cameo came at the 18 minute 54 second mark in Season 2 Episode 4 of the Disney+ smash hit The Mandalorian. His name? Unknown. But the internet has dubbed him “Jeans Guy.”

But alas, as quickly as the Disney God’s giveth, the Disney God’s taketh away.

On November 4th, Disney+ released chapter 12 of The Mandalorian called “The Siege.” In one scene a crew member could be seen standing off to the side, wearing jeans. It was brief and it was clearly an accident, but the internet got ahold of it and the brief editing mishap became a fan favorite moment.

There was an immediate fan embrace of this slip-up, unlike the eye-rolling and mocking that followed the Game of Throne’s rogue coffee cup mishap. Fans loved this guy and they even designed action figures and toys for the mythical “Jeans Guy”, fully embracing and welcoming the new character.

Sadly, earlier today it was revealed that Disney has digitally removed Jeans Guy from his debut episode. While fans were sad to see their new hero erased from the show, his legacy, his image, and his short clip will live on for eternity in the unforgiving and unrelenting memory of the internet. 

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