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Disney Introduces Robo-Carts For Their Disney World Golf Courses

If you feel too lazy riding inside of a golf cart, but carrying your clubs for 18 holes is just too much work, Disney has the answer for you – Robo-Carts.

The new Robo-Carts follow the transmitter worn by the golfer, they are also guided by GPS to keep them from driving into a pond or sand trap

These are self-propelled motorized golf carts that follow you while you walk the course. You clip a sensor to your belt and the autonomous cart followes a few paces behind. The cart includes a beverage cooler, cup holder, sand bottle, and a USB port to charge your mobile devices.

Disney’s new Robo-Carts can even charge your mobile devices as you play

Here is a promotional video, from Disney, showing off their new toy:

The Robo-Carts rent for only $10 and are available only at the Palm, Magnolia, and Oak Trail courses at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florioda.

Disney’s Robo-Carts are available at the Walt Disney World Resort golf courses, nicknamed “The Happiest Place on Turf”

These carts appeared at Disney golf courses a few months back, in what was clearly a test run. Things must have gone smoothly because Disney is officially announcing their availability.

We can’t wait to try these new carts out once it is safe to travel. GPS trackers on the carts will keep them from driving into ponds and sand traps, if only they could keep me from driving my ball into ponds and sand traps.

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