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Disney+ Could Surpass Netflix in Subscribers by 2026, According to Analyst


Disney+ may be exceeding all their expectations with their subscriber counts, but it should be noted, Netflix is still the king of streamers. Well, thanks to a new report, that could change in the next few years.

According to an analyst at Digital TV Research, the rapidly growing Disney streamer will reach more subscribers than Netflix in 2026. Netflix currently has 286 million subscribers, and the analyst predicts that Disney+ could hit 294 by 2026.

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The report goes on to highlight that Disney+ will only have more subscribers in one country, India, with 98 million Disney+ Hotstar subscribers versus 13 million for Netflix.

Here is what Simon Murray, Digital TV Research’s principal analyst says: “Disney+ Hotstar will roll out to 13 Asian countries by 2026. These countries will supply 108 million (37 percent) of the global Disney+ subscriber total, but only $2.62 billion (13 percent) of the platform’s revenues by 2026. Hotstar subscribers pay less than a third of the monthly subscription fee of their U.S. counterpart.”

With 294 million subscribers that would mean Disney would be seeing a $20.76 billion global revenue, which is still half of Netflix’s $39.52 billion, as they charge more a month for subscriptions. Disney+ has vowed to continue to add new original content to go with Disney’s vast library of existing IP. The Mandalorian, Mulan, Soul, and WandaVision have all seen strong viewing numbers.

This report comes just a few days after Disney’s Q1 earning call, where it was announced that Disney+ had surpassed over 95 million subscribers, exceeding their previous projections of 94 million by 2024. Disney+ will have a busy 2021, the service will debut The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Raya and the Last Dragon (with Premier Access), with Loki, What If… ?, The Bad Batch, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Monsters At Work, and more hit films and series later this year

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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