The X-Men Are Reportedly Coming To The MCU Sooner Than Expected; Title Called ‘The Mutants’

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Back in December of last year, Disney Investor day saw a lot of new content coming in the MCU; however, The X-Men were not apart of that announcement.

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Well today, our friends over at the Illuminerdi have found out that there is indeed an X-Men film coming and it’s called The Mutants.

Fans have been waiting for this announcement since the Disney/Fox merger. We already have The Fantastic Four making their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now X-Men will be making that jump as well.

Deadpool 3 was announced back in December and we will see his introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Reynolds coming back for the film.

No further information has been released and there’s no official confirmation regarding this news.

More news is sure to come soon.

Source: The Illuminerdi

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8 thoughts on “The X-Men Are Reportedly Coming To The MCU Sooner Than Expected; Title Called ‘The Mutants’”

  1. How autistic do you have to be to not understand that this, if it’s even true, is clearly just a working title? Absolutely zero chance they would actually relaunch one of their most recognizable and popular franchises under this title.

  2. I am so ready to see storm not being let down on a Wire When She Flies LOL I believe I speak for all nerdom….. It is time for the X-Men to receive the Marvel Cinematic Universe treatment…. And it is going to be glorious

  3. Eh, I don’t want to see a reboot yet. I’d rather they do one more with Patrick Stuart et. al and do a version of the Onslaught saga, they can use THAT to lead into the reboot. Onslaught can wipe out half the MCU heros like he did in the comic book arc, magneto or someone can jump into the forgotten Apocolypse time machine at the end, and go back and “undo” it by restarting 50 years in the past or whatever. Then again, this would be a disney production, and they have become part of the cancel culture, so let’s be honest, the movie will be preachy and not have the “edge” of previous X-men movies as that would probably hurt some feelings or something. So, it’ll suck.

  4. Victoria Alonso stated some time ago that she thought “The name ‘X-Men’ was exclusionist and out-dated, and that it needs to be changed for the MCU.”

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