Rian Johnson Might Direct An Episode Of ‘The Mandalorian’

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Having just closed a massive nine figure deal with Netflix for two more Knives Out films, and with a trilogy of his own set within the Star Wars galaxy still on deck, Rian Johnson is easily one of Hollywood’s busiest and most prolific directors right now. That’s not stopping him from taking on even more work either.

According to USA Today’s Sariah Wilson, Johnson actually spoke to Dave Filoni recently about directing an upcoming episode of The Mandalorian.

In a series of tweets posted on Saturday, Wilson claims that it’s not about if Johnson will get to do it but, because of his schedule, when. You can read the full thread below.

Wilson was the first to reveal that Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy still had life at Disney back in February, and has been in regular communication with the Academy Award nominee since. This reassured fans who wondered whether or not the films were still in development after Lucasfilm omitted Johnson from its presentation during December’s Disney Investor Day.

While not everyone is a fan of Johnson’s contributions to a galaxy far, far away – The Last Jedi being the most divisive film among fans – it’s impossible to deny his talent as a storyteller. He is, after all, the same person who gave the world the episode of Breaking Bad entitled ‘Ozymandias’ which is often considered to be the “Greatest Episode of TV of All Time.” With The Mandalorian being a totally different narrative altogether, it’s exciting to wonder what he could bring to the table.

With all that being said, the third season of The Mandalorian is expected to begin production later this year. Be sure to look out for future updates, including as to whether or not Johnson does join the season, here.

Source: Sariah Wilson

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1 thought on “Rian Johnson Might Direct An Episode Of ‘The Mandalorian’”

  1. Paul David McCann

    If Ryan Johnson works on the mandalorian, I rally wouldn’t mind. I would have to care about star wars be perturbed. I say let him go crazy with star wars, make sure he stays away from any other franchise. I have given up on star wars, and star trek… Just keep him off the art of the orville.

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