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Disney’s Animal Kingdom To Debut ‘A Celebration of Festival of The Lion King’ Mid-May

One of the biggest casualties at the Disney Parks this last year has been live entertainment. While the rides, shops, and restaurants started whirling again, a huge question mark has been hanging over the shuttered live shows.

We are starting to get an answer to that question with one of Walt Disney World’s most beloved shows. According to Jeff Vahle, President of Walt Disney World, A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King will be returning next month to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Walt Disney World’s President Jeff Vahle visits the cast and crew of A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King

Vahle posted this message on his Instagram. “Our cast is back in rehearsals for “A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King,” preparing for the show’s mid-May debut as entertainment continues to return across Walt Disney World. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Vice President Sarah Riles and I stopped in to welcome them recently, and hearing that wonderful, familiar music put a lump in my throat. Thrilled to have these talented Cast Members back on our stage!

We had shared earlier this year that the show would be returning this summer, but the news that it was coming earlier (mid-May) instead of the at the end of the summer was a nice surprise.

If you follow Disney Parks (or all theme parks for that matter), you will learn a certain lingo, for example, if a project is being paused that usually means canceled and if an opening date is described as a season (winter, spring, summer, fall) that usually means the last week of that season, or, as is often the case, an entirely different season altogether.

We are so happy that this show is getting an earlier-than-expected opening date. It is great news for both guests and for cast members who will be coming back to work.

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