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Pixar Employees Speak Out Regarding Sending Films Directly to Disney+

Last month, a Tweet was circulated which revealed some Pixar staff members’ disappointment with the recent choice of sending their films directly to Disney+ with no additional fee.

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The Tweet in question came from journalist Matthew Belloni who said:

Just talked to a Pixar friend who says Luca and Soul moves to Disney+ have been demoralizing for employees: “Forget theaters, we’re not even good enough for an upcharge?”

Matthew Belloni

This was published on March 29. Fast forward a month later and Pixar employees are continuing to speak out regarding this issue.

According to Insider, there are still many within the company who feel saddened and frustrated with these decisions. Many of the new films coming from The Walt Disney Company are being sent to Disney+’s Premiere Access platform, which requires an extra $29.99 to view.

However, as pointed out by one employee, “Luca [Pixar’s next feature film] doesn’t even have a premium price next to it.” They go on to ask, “Does it make it lesser? It’s hard to grasp.”

The disappointment doesn’t come from just those below either. Even Pete Docter, Pixar CEO, expressed disappointment when 2020’s Soul skipped a theatrical release as well. It is especially curious when comparing Soul‘s release strategy to Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Raya and the Last Dragon, which did utilize Premiere Access, therefore requiring the extra fee.

Not all employees share this disappointment, however, with one saying “For me, personally, if I’m doing this so my name can be on the big screen, I’m doing it for the wrong reasons.

Head on over to Insider to check out the full story.

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