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‘Encanto’ Toy Leak Provides First Look at Characters

Encanto, the upcoming film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, has yet to receive its first trailer or any official other marketing material (apart from the first look shown during December’s Investor Day.) However, a recent toy leak confirms the design of the main characters.

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According to Disney_News on Instagram, a toy release will feature the Madrigal household, with figurines that include the main character of Maribel. The photos can be seen below.

Last year, we reported exclusive information regarding the characters and their roles in the film. Maribel (originally named Mariana), is a 15-year-old girl who is described as a “lovable, funny, fallible, utterly human protagonist”. The toy photos show Maribel as the figurine with the glasses and harmonica. None of the other characters are named. However, we can make some guesses based on what we know.

It is likely that the character who is lifting weights is Lydia, who is an athletic jock with a big voice and persona and will play a supporting role in the film. The boy with the parrot is likely Carlos, a 15-year old boy and also Maribel’s enemy. The lady in the blue dress is probably Andrea (the matriarch of the family) or Juana, a maternal figure for Maribel. The other characters are less clear, though it is possible that the girl in the orange dress is Ines, the golden child of the family.

It should be noted that these character names were only true as of 2020, and could easily have been changed (as was the case for Mariana, now named Maribel).

The film will follow a magical, Latinx family who live in a magic home in Colombia. Lin-Manuel Miranda has confirmed that he is working on the music. It will be produced by Clark Spencer (Ralph Breaks the Internet) and Yvett Merino Flores (Moana). Jared Bush will be writing the screenplay along with Charise Castro-Smith. It has been reported that Stephanie Beatriz will play the main character of Maribel Madrigal, though this has yet to be confirmed by Disney.

Encanto will be released on November 24, 2021.

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