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Disneyland Capacity *Only* Change Coming 6/15, ‘Masks Will Still Be Required’ Says State Official

**Update** this story has updates. As of the writing of this story, which was based on statements from California reported by ABC affiliate in Southern California, Disney has announced more changes coming to the park starting June 15th. See the full update here.

Disneyland fans have been keeping their eyes on June 15th, 2021, as the state of California has promised to lift nearly all public health restrictions. Disney announced that Disneyland will start accepting out-of-state guests on that day, but the rest of the changes have been kept under wraps.

There has been endless speculation regarding how much Disney would increase capacity within the parks, if they would drop the mask mandate, or if they will load every row to help the rides churn through guests quicker. While all of this has been pure speculation, it appears at least one of these questions has been answered.

According to the ABC news affiliate for Southern California, who spoke with Dr. Mark Ghaly, California’s Health and Human Services Secretary, masks will continue to be required for those visiting Disneyland, regardless of vaccination status. According to their reporting, the only change that would apply to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure would be their capacity limits, which will be lifted. The rest of the mandates and restrictions will stay in place.

Dr. Mark Ghaly, California’s Health and Human Services Secretary

This seems to run contrary to prior reporting regarding these restriction changes. It appeared that protocols currently mandated would all lift and Disney would be left to implement their own changes, but were not held to any mandates by the state. According to the man who makes these decisions for California, Dr. Ghaly, that is not correct. 

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So do not throw your masks away anytime soon if you plan to visit Disneyland this summer. While we expected Disney to maintain the mask requirement after June 15th, it was always expected to be a decision for Disney to make, not the state. But that appears to have been wrong. According to this report, the only changes we might get starting June 15th are out of town guests and increased capacity, with the long list of other requirements staying in place.

We will keep an eye on this changing situation and update you.

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