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Temperature Checks of Guests Entering Disneyland Will End This Week

As part of Disneyland’s move back to normalcy, they will no longer be checking guest’s temperatures as they enter the park starting this Tuesday, June 15th.

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The practice fell in line with standard procedures, but, as we learned more about covid-19 we learned that the disease can be spread by those who are asymptomatic, meaning, one may have covid-19 but present no fever and conversely, one may present a fever and have it unrelated to covid-19.

While the temperature checks were not a perfect solution for keeping covid completely out of the parks, it was used to screen covid patients who were displaying a fever, so there was usefulness to the practice.

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The volunteers and health administrators can hang up their no-touch thermometers and pat themselves on the back for being part of a global effort to keep public areas free of symptomatic persons.

Keep an eye here as we reveal more changes coming to the parks, set to be announced this week.

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