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‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Potentially Coming To Disney+ In Spring Of 2022

A little over a month ago, we put out an article about the third season of The Mandalorian would be delayed, and how The Book Of Boba Fett would act as a satisfying supplement. While it seemed unclear as to when we would return to the character’s corner of the Star Wars universe, a recent leak may have potentially given us a better answer.

According to the sleuths over at LRM Online, a newly discovered reddit post from user Dentface indicates that the next season of the series could premiere on Disney+ as soon as Spring 2022. The post, which you can see photos of below, contains various detailed screenshots from the site of Edelweiss+.

For those unfamiliar with the company, it’s a free platform where you can browse the catalogues of numerous publishing companies. However, the company featured in the photo is Random House, which Disney has published numerous books through in the past.

As you can see, in addition to capturing a summary for a planned Boba Fett graphic novel that will supposedly tie-in with the Disney+ series, it also mentions (in plain text) that “Season 3 of The Mandalorian premiers on Disney+ Spring 2022.”

Now, it is important to note the misspelling of the second use of the word premieres, because that could hint at this entire post being a counterfeit, but it doesn’t really matter if the post is real since there has yet to be an official announcement from Disney. So we urge you take this news with a grain of salt.

While many are anxious to see what happens in a galaxy far, far away, if we haven’t been told anything yet it’s probably for a good reason. Heck, it wasn’t until last week that we finally got confirmation of when Marvel’s What If? would premiere. That’s arguably because there were elements of Loki that needed to be introduced to prepare fans for what to expect.

Regardless if the leak is wrong or right, it doesn’t change the fact that there’s still plenty of Star Wars content on the way. Between Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron, Mando and Grogu might soon be eclipsed by other characters and stories that the rest of this Universe has in store for us.

Source: LRM Online

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