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A New LLC Filed By Marvel Studios Might Hint At Plans For A Potential Ghost Rider Project

In the past, Limited Liability Companies (or LLCs for short) filed by Marvel Studios have been notorious at hinting the specific projects that represent. While the connections aren’t always clear, the internet’s own investigators inevitably do put two and two together.

One such set of sleuths is the team over at Murphy’s Multiverse. In the wake of a new LLC filing by Marvel Studios, the site has published an article expressing the idea that it could potentially be connected to a new Ghost Rider project.

At first glance, Richmond Street Productions LLC is probably as puzzling of a name as any other production company. According to Murphy’s Multiverse though, the address at the heart of the name is directly connected to a location of major importance in the comics.

The red line indicates where Richmond Street is.

While located in Brooklyn, Richmond Street is directly perpendicular to the Cypress Hills National Cemetery which, in the comics, is a primary base for Marvel’s Midnight Sons. More specifically it’s the location where Danny Ketch, another iteration of the Ghost Rider, is introduced.

Does this mean that both are coming to the MCU for sure? Absolutely not. Even though there is heavy speculation that Ghost Rider could appear in Doctor Strange 2 and that there might be a Midnight Sons project in active development set in the MCU, nothing is confirmed. As Murphy’s Multiverse always elegantly puts it, we’re just “connecting imaginary dots.”

Interestingly enough, Richmond Street Productions is also listed as a Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) entity, so whatever it’s almost certainly being developed for Disney+. With several series in active development, and nearly a dozen still unannounced time we’ll just have to wait and see what that final product is.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse

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