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Star Wars R2-D2 is a Disney Fab 50 Character

R2-D2, Star Wars, Disney World

Image: Disney

Artoo joins 49 other iconic Disney characters molded in gold to celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th

Over the weekend, Disney Imagineers Ann Morrow Johnson and Scott Trowbridge — who are currently working on Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser — dropped some decisive droid details via Instagram (link below).

R2-D2, one of the most beloved Star Wars characters, will join 49 other memorable characters from Disney history. All 50 will be molded in gold and placed throughout Walt Disney World to commemorate Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.

“It’s with Star Wars adventures in mind that we introduce R2-D2 as the latest addition to the Disney Fab 50 Character Collection at Walt Disney World Resort,” said Trowbridge.

Look for his sculpture at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during the World’s ‘Most Magical Celebration.”

Ann Morrow Johnson, Walt Disney Imagineering

“And on behalf of R2-D2 and all the droids across the galaxy, Happy 50th Walt Disney World!” they both exclaimed.

R2-D2 might be the perfect Star Wars character to represent Lucasfilm at the WDW 50th Anniversary via the “Fab 50.” You gotta believe that Indiana Jones will be another addition to the list.

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Walt Disney World, 50th Anniversary
Image: Disney

Finally, check out the full announcement via Instagram by clicking the photo below:

R2-D2, Fab 50,
Image: Disney Imagineering on Instagram

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