Italian Media Ready for Indiana Jones 5

Harrison Ford heads to Italy at the head of a 600 person production

Studying Indiana Jones and the filming of the fifth installment sometimes requires a bit of linguistic adventurism.

Yes, there is plenty to be found in English; however, there are times when Google Translate comes in as handy as Dr. Jones’ diary.

Firstly, we read Twitter:

Pronti, via.

Meanwhile, on “30 Settembre 2021” La Repubblica – Palermo’s Irene Carmina posted:

Indiana Jones 5
Image: Lucasfilm

Pronti, via. Hollywood sbarca in Sicilia con due divi come Harrison Ford e Antonio Banderas per l’inizio delle riprese di “Indiana Jones 5”. Si parte la prossima settimana da Siracusa, con il set allestito fra Castello Maniace, a Ortigia, e il parco archeologico della Neapolis, mentre camion e macchinari della troupe staranno al porto. Ambientazione d’epoca, il tuffo nel passato è nel 1969, per cui tutti gli edifici che enteranno nel “capo” della cinepresa avranno bisogno di un maquillage. Per capire l’entità della produzione basta dare un’occhiata ai numeri: 30 camion lunghi dai 10 ai 18 metri, altri venti camion “tecnici” dagli 8 ai 12 metri di lunghezza, 25 furgoni di sette metri, 120 tra auto e van.

Or, according to Google:

Indiana Jones 5
Image: Lucasfilm

Ready, go. Hollywood lands in Sicily with two stars like Harrison Ford and Antonio Banderas for the start of filming of “Indiana Jones 5”. We start next week from Syracuse, with the set, set up between Castello Maniace, in Ortigia, and the archaeological park of Neapolis, while trucks and machinery of the crew will be at the port. The vintage setting, the dive into the past is in 1969, so all the buildings that enter the “head” of the camera will need make-up. To understand the extent of production, just take a look at the numbers: 30 trucks from 10 to 18 meters long, another twenty “technical” trucks from 8 to 12 meters in length, 25 vans of seven meters, 120 between cars, and vans.

You get the drift.

Hello Cefalù

Moreover, the next stop for the production will be Cefalù.

Another part of the fun is to find things that illustrate things prior to the filming.

Such as:

Meanwhile, that photo came from a local photographer:

Italian Biography

Now, of course, you know Henry Jones Jr. began as a linguist. And how cool it is to see Indy’s biography in Italian, courtesy

Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones 5

Finally, we’re just getting back into gear as Indiana Jone 5 continues production. So, be sure to keep it here on

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