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Star Wars: The Old Republic Re-Releases Original Cinematic Trailer in 4K

Image: BioWare

SWTOR looks better than ever in this 4k HD clip….

For a whole generation of fans, some of their fondest memories of the Star Wars franchise come from the small screen and specifically video game titles like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

SWTOR Returns

Image: Bioware

On Saturday. In celebration of the game’s tenth anniversary, BioWare began the re-release of its lauded cinematic trailers for the classic MMO in 4K ultra HD.

The first amongst the re-releases, “Deceived,” hit the web with the impact of blue Sith Force lighting.

PC Gamer’s Jody Macgregor posted:

Star Wars: The Old Republic came out in December of 2011, and to celebrate the 10th anniversary, all its classic cinematic trailers are being enhanced and re-released in 4K. The first to receive the treatment is ‘Deceived,’ a trailer that came out two years before the game’s release, which depicts the sacking of Coruscant by the Sith.

“Set a decade before BioWare’s MMO, it shows Darth Malgus leading the Sith force that assaults the Jedi Temple, with assistance from his twi’lek partner Eleena Daru and a Mandalorian bounty hunter named Shae Vizla,” added MacGregor. “The outcome of this battle is the simmering Cold War that begins to boil over as the game begins.

“The cinematic was the work of Blur Studio, whose impressive fight choreography was based on motion-capture.”

Some of the Best Star Wars

Image: BioWare

The original set of trailers remains some of the most impressive Star Wars visuals ever. And for this fan, the 6-plus minutes of “Betrayed” ranks very high amongst all of the Star Wars content produced since 1977.

Of course, I also say that having not played a second of the game.

Just watch:

The folks who worked on all these cinematics understood the Star Wars universe. The interplay between master and padawan; the Sith and the Jedi; the dark and the light.

It’s all there.

Now, presumably, BioWare will introduce a whole new generation to these stories. First through the re-introduction of the original cinematics. But, perhaps more importantly, through the further expansion entitled “Legacy of the Sith.”

PC Gamer explained:

Image: BioWare

Though it’s no longer part of the Star Wars canon these days, BioWare has no plans to end The Old Republic. The MMO will soon receive a combat style revamp and a new expansion called Legacy of the Sith, which will involve uncovering “the ultimate plan” of Darth Malgus, bringing it all back to where it began with that first trailer. 

While chances are decent, I won’t have the time to play that game (hey, I have three kids, three cats, and two jobs); I can’t wait for the trailer!

Finally, be sure to keep it here on for all the latest from the Star Wars galaxy.

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