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RUMOR: ‘Rogue Squadron’ Pushed Back As A New ‘Star Wars’ Film About The Old Republic Enters Production Next Year!

After Big Screen Leaks posted an ominous tweet about a new Star Wars film in development early Friday afternoon, the sleuths over at the Star Wars News Net reached out to one of their sources and learned something quite astounding.

Now, keep in mind this news is totally unconfirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt but, according to sources close to the site, Lucasfilm isn’t entirely rushing into production on Rogue Squadron, despite it’s previously announced 2023 release date.

Instead, the studio is making sure the script is right. That does not mean that there isn’t anything cooking in the kitchen though. The site says that whether or not Squadron is finished by late 2023, the date will still be kept for another Star Wars project.

Once again, no one except for the heads at Lucasfilm knows what the project could be; however, the same source that relayed all the other information says that one of the ideas being floated around to precede Rogue Squadron is a story set during the days of the Old Republic.

With Rogue Squadron potentially vacating its original release date, that would mean that the film would have to enter production as soon as next year to keep the studio on schedule.

It’s unclear what the story would entail or which characters could potentially appeal; but considering that a remake of the iconic game Knights of the Old Republic is in the works and there’s been an outcry from fans to explore that timeline with the Star Wars universe, it makes sense for the studio to want to explore this route.

As always, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any more information regarding Rogue Squadron, or any other Star Wars projects on the horizon, so be sure to follow The DisInsider for future updates!

SOURCES: Big Screen Leaks, Star Wars News Net

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