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Disney Exec’s in Disagreement Over ‘Adult Content’ on Disney+

Disney+ has changed dramatically since it first launched in 2019, but that’s only if you don’t live in the United States or Latin America.

In the US, all content Disney deems “too mature” is relegated to Hulu, and in Latin America, they shift the same content to Star+.

But it’s a different story for the rest of the world because, since February 2021, Disney+ has had Star, an entire section dedicated to general entertainment where you can watch Anastasia before binging the latest episodes of The Walking Dead, at no extra cost!

The introduction of Star has saved Disney+ internationally because it was becoming a massive complaint in Europe that the new streamer had very little to offer adults, especially those without children. And with the popularity of Netflix and Prime in Europe, it’s hard to believe that Disney+ would have lasted without making some necessary changes.

It’s these changes that many US customers wish would happen, and it seems that the discussion may be on the table.

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Dylan Byers of Puck News has reported that Disney Executives disagree over introducing an “adult section” to Disney+ in the States. According to the report, Bob Iger is insistent on keeping Disney+ family-friendly while Bob Chapek “intends to expand it”.

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There is a theory that when Comcast exits Hulu in 2024, Disney will then integrate it into Disney+ or shut it down and move content to a new Star section, but the jury is still out on that one.

For more information on Star, you can read our report on the first six months of its life.

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