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Temuera Morrison & Ming-Na Wen Keep the Book Closed

Mum's the word for Morrison and Wen as they're queried about cameos by TVLine....

Mum’s the word for Morrison and Wen as they’re queried about cameos by TVLine….

True to their relationship on the show, The Book of Boba Fett’s Ming-Na Wen (Fennec Shand) told Temura Morrison (Boba Fett) to be careful.

“Tem, be careful with this guy,” she said, pointing at Matt Webb Mitovich of TVLine. “Don’t trust him.

“He’s Sneaky. He asks really sneaky questions.”

Boba Fett, Fennec Shand
Image: Lucasfilm

As most fans know, Lucasfilm frowns on leaked plot points. Over the years, both Wen and Morrison maintained a “mums the word” method to their Disney interviews.

He looks dangerous,” answered Morrison. “Besides that hairstyle.”

All joking aside, Morrison, in particular, often straddles the line during interviews, giving hints and alluding to bigger news to come.

This interview was no. different.

Mitovich “innocently,” asked, “Besides the [Hutt] twin, are there any other villains we should watch out for as the season unfolds?”

“We’re not allowed to mention too much about these incoming actors,” began Temura after more admonition from Wen. “That’s just the beginning, there are some colorful chaps coming to upset the works

“I’ve got to be careful,” added Morrison, when said, “I talk too much.”

Image: Disney+

So, when Mitovich got around to asking about a “Luke Skywalker” type character reveal at the end of this series, Morrison was adamant about the focus would remain on his former bounty hunter.

“This is ‘The Book of Boba’ we’re talking about here.”

What did they call that in All the President’s Men?

A non-denial, denial?

Morrison added, “Who is this other guy he mentioned?

“Isn’t he in those other big movies? …This is ‘The Book of Boba.'”

We shall see. We shall see.

Watch the interview below:

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