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Disneyland Paris Announces 30th Anniversary Celebration Details!

The only European Disneyland destination is getting ready to kick start its 30th Anniversary with a slew of exciting new additions, including new shows and attractions across the two parks!

Disneyland Paris opened on April 12th 1992, as EuroDisney, and while it hasn’t been the best Disney Resort in terms of profit and performance, it remains well-loved within the Disney community. And while the additions for the 30th Anniversary celebration aren’t as massive as the US or Japanese parks, Disney still has some exciting things lined up for us.

New Shows

Untitled Daytime Show

Concept art for the new untitled daytime show.

A new (and currently untitled) daytime show for Disneyland Paris Park featuring thirty-three characters will parade through Mainstreet U.S.A and stop in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle for a grand finale. The show will feature a new song and costumes for many characters.

Disney D-Light

A behind the scenes look at Disney D-Light.

The popular nighttime fireworks show, Illuminations (unrelated to the now-closed EPCOT show), will be returning on February 16th after being suspended since early January, but it will now feature a brand-new pre-show.

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This pre-show, titled Disney D-Light, will feature over 200 drones that will create images above Sleeping Beauty Castle in a specially-designed and choreographed performance never-before-seen inside a Disney theme park.

Avengers Campus Paris

Our first major look at the offerings featured Avengers Campus Paris at Walt Disney Studios Park.

The world’s second Avengers Campus will be opening at Walt Disney Studios Park in the Summer, just after the 30th Anniversary of the resort begins.

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The Parisian Avengers Campus will be nearly identical to its sister at Disney’s California Adventure, but it will have a few additional features.

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The French Avengers Campus will be the Pym Test Kitchen restaurant, the Heroic Encounters experiences, and Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure. The features that will be Walt Disney Studios-exclusive to the land will be an additional restaurant taking over the former Blockbuster Cafe, plus an additional attraction themed to Iron Man!

Concept art for the Iron Man Coaster.

The currently untitled Iron Man attraction will be taking over Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Avec Aerosmith for a new adventure starring other Marvel superheroes like Captain America and Captain Marvel. It will be the second Iron Man attraction in the world, after Hong Kong’s Iron Man Experience, but the first Iron Man roller coaster – in fact, it will be the world’s first Disney-Marvel roller coaster!

Gardens of Wonder

Gardens of Wonder will be a new (sort-of) mini-land added in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The area will feature 30 art sculptures paying tribute to Disney and Pixar characters from across the years. Some won’t be as obvious as others, so keep your eye out!

Minnie’s New Look

Award-winning fashion designer and activist Stella McCartney has designed an exciting new look for Minnie Mouse to wear in honour of Woman’s History Month in March.

The new look will be the first pants-suit designed and worn by Minnie Mouse and a Disneyland Paris exclusive!


Arguably saving the best for last because it wouldn’t be a Disney Anniversary without new merchandise! Featuring new plush toys, headbands, bags, and clothing, we’ll have a separate article covering as much new merchandise as we can soon.

We’ll continue to cover the 30th Anniversary as it draws closer, so look out on The Disinsider for more news (and images), including the new iridescent decorations that well cover different areas of the resort, including Main Street Station and Disney Village (DLP’s version of Downtown Disney).

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