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Cal Kestis Lightsaber Available at Galaxy’s Edge

Cal Kestis

Cal Kestis, Star Wars

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order lightsaber arrives on Batuu as Cameron Monaghan tours “Star Wars Land….”

As if we all weren’t itching to get back to Batuu, the folks at Disney merchandising have revealed yet another reason to head to Dok-Ondars. Earlier this week, previewed the new item, while reporting on Cal Kestis actor Cameron Monaghan’s visit to Disneyland to enter the world of his alter ego.

The resulting photos will make most Star Wars fans ready to depart for Batuu East or West right quick.

Kestis’ Legacy

“In 2020 we asked you to vote for which legacy lightsaber hilt you hoped to see offered at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities,” explained Disney’s Melissa Lee. “You answered the call and the legacy lightsaber hilt you all voted for was the Cal Kestis legacy lightsaber hilt from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order!

“Cameron Monaghan, the actor who plays Cal Kestis in the critically acclaimed Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order video game, recently journeyed to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort and got the full Star Wars experience while checking out the Cal Kestis legacy lightsaber hilt.”

In Line for Legacy Lightsaber

Judging by the reaction online, and as evidenced by at least one popular influencer, fans were very ready for their chance to pick up the new Legacy lightsaber.

My friend Jenmarie made an Instagram reel, which shows her excitement (and the amazing detail on the saber):

Always in Motion is the Future

Frankly, I was lucky enough to build my own lightsaber at Galaxy’s edge back in 2019. So, the thought of picking up any legacy sabers is a bit of a (spice) pipe dream. But lots of collectors swear by this collection.

Moreover, my sons might now Star Wars better through Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order than by any other single property.

My guess is that it’ll be hard to get a hold of in the near term, but will be a staple on many a shelf in the near future. And, that one of my boys will be one of those collectors keen on the purchase.

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