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Disney Condemns Passing Of Controversial Florida Bill

Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed the controversial “Don’t Say Bill.”

The bill, which would limit discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools, has been the subject of debate since its inception.

Despite CEO Bob Chapek’s conflicting public responses over the course of the last few weeks and reports of internal turmoil – the latter of which resulted in national walkouts – today, the Walt Disney Company put its foot down.

In a statement shared to Twitter, the company said,”[The bill] should have never passed and should have been signed into law.” It also vowed to support any efforts being made to repeal it.

You can read the full statement down below.

Now, despite passing it, DeSantis has been very vocal about how “very open” and eager he is to prevent the law from being “weaponized.” However, the fact that he doesn’t understand how the law is already a weapon itself is the problem.

The goal of the law is to protect children from exposure to any sexual content but, under it’s broad and undefined terminology leaves a big enough gray area for children and students of certain sexual orientations to be targeted. Additionally, the bill grants parents the ability to sue schools or teachers that they feel violate the law.

Previously, Disney pledged to donate $5 million dollars to protect the LGBTQ community and its rights, but given its new commitment to assist in the law’s erasure it’s sure to spend more.

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SOURCE: The Walt Disney Company

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