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The Riordan Read: Annabeth and Grover – Soon

Rick Riordan updates his blog, says fans should hang tight for more news from casting…

It was a wonderful week for Rick Riordan and Percy Jackson fans.

Yep, we got the full scoop on the actor who would be Percy.

Walker Scobell come on down!

And it was a particularly fun workweek for those who dwell in and around Camp Halfblood.

However, what is Percy without Annabeth and Grover?

Rick understands this absence and the concern about those characters’ casting.

In fact, he anticipated the inevitable question and provided a simple answer via his blog: soon.

“And no, it cannot be right now,” he wrote. “As I said before, I think we’re very close to having everything wrapped up for our main trio, but there are numerous levels of approvals to get and deals to close before we can announce anything.”

However, Rick says to hang tight.

Rick Riordan. Image: Disney+.

“Things are starting to move into high gear, though, since we begin filming in June, so we are probably talking weeks, not months, before we can share more news,” he added. “As always, I need to warn you that this is ONLY my personal guess. What I can say is that the production team is united and excited about where the casting decisions are heading, and we are receiving excellent support from our studio and network partners.”

Image: RickRiordan.com

Meanwhile, Rick also had some really cool notes on how the cast will be chosen, and how — like the details in his books — nothing is sacrosanct.

“For me, finding the right actors has never been about hair color, eye color, skin color, or any other single physical trait, even if they were described a certain way in the books,” explained Riordan. “As many of you know, I flubbed such details myself several times in the series. Thalia’s eyes changed from green to blue. Oops!”

Read the full blog here.

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