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Rachel Zegler Discusses ‘Snow White’ and What The Role Means to Her

Disney’s live-action Snow White is currently filming in London’s Pinewood Studios, and the stars of the movie are now speaking about their experiences while filming the upcoming movie, including the films star.

Recently, West Side Story‘s Rachel Zegler, who will be playing Snow White, spoke to Elle Magazine about how being cast in the live-action remake caused a “world-changing shift”.

“I felt more of my anonymity go out the window after Snow White was announced, because Disney has such a dedicated following”

Zegler talked about her experience working with Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb and how she didn’t even know that the movie she was auditioning for was, indeed, a Snow White live-action adaptation. “We had a very straightforward conversation before I’d even realized that [the movie] was Snow White. When I started to put the pieces together and I knew it was a Disney princess thing”.

Let’s not forget the casting caused some negative comments, due to the Latina actress playing the most iconic character in Disney’s History, and Zegler has addressed that several times. During the interview, she opened up about the film’s new take on the “fairest of them all” quote, what it means for her and Marc Webb, and how the newest film will update it.

“He [Webb] was like ‘Who’s the fairest of them all? What does fair mean? What does it have to mean? Does it mean skin tone? Does it mean beauty? Or does it mean whether not you are just? The way you treat people? The way you approach others with kindness or lack thereof?’”. This likely means that the film will focus on how her kindness and the way she treats people makes her the fairest of them all, rather than her physical beauty and her skin tone. 

Rachel Zegler, hot off West Side Story stars as the iconic Disney Princess, alongside Andrew Burnap as Jonathan, a new character created for the film, and Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen. The film was able to move forward with production despite a studio fire that broke out last month incinerating some of the village set.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will be directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer, Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man films), while Marc Platt (La La Land) will produce. La La Land‘s Benj Pasek and Justin Paul will also be working on providing the music for the film, reportedly helping to expand on the story and score from the original classic.

Disney has yet to give Snow White an official release date but is expected to debut sometime next year, following The Little Mermaid.

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