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‘Moon Knight’ Cinematographer Returning For Future Marvel Projects

It’s become common practice for Marvel to invite some of the favorite collaborators back for future practice. Last summer we saw this happen when Loki season one cinematographer Autumn Durald was brought on board to work on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

It happened again most recently when Moon Knight co-directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead were brought on board to helm the second season of Loki. Now, it seems that one of the cinematographers from Moon Knight is in a similar situation.

In a recent interview with the site FilmSpeak, Moon Knight cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo confirmed that Marvel had been in touch with about potentially returning to shoot future projects.

“I’ve been asked a few things,” he said. “I can’t say what. The timing hasn’t been right for me yet, but I would love to do other Marvel stuff, I’d love to get the chance to do it again. For me, it’s always about the filmmaker who is who’s leading the ship and because those are the people that I’m with day in and day out for hours and hours on end. So I really need to be excited and inspired, and also like them personally. It’s really important to me.”

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Now, seeing as how he couldn’t specify what he’s been asked to work on, considering Palermo’s filmography, his style, and his associates, it’s easy to speculate what Marvel might have him in mind for.

As Palermo, also mentions in the interview, he got practically got the gig thanks to his buddies Benson and Moorehead. Does that mean we see his eye return for Loki season 2? Palermo also has a pretty great relationship with David Lowery, having collaborated with him on both A Ghost Story and The Green Knight. Does that mean we continue to see him work on the supernatural side of the MCU? Regardless of whatever Palermo returns to work on, we’re sure it’ll be remarkable to look at.

Palermo worked on episodes two and four of Moon Knight, and had a heavy hand in a lot of the reflection sequences. He’s also partially responsible for that one shot (below) that’s been the source of debate online.

You can listen to the full interview with Palermo here.

SOURCE: FilmSpeak

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