A Deeper Dive into Star Wars?

VICE TV’s Icons Unleashed will explore the origins of The Saga

If the Disney Gallery series (documentary-style shows that explore the making of Star Wars on Disney+) prove anything, it’s that Lucasfilm fans have an insatiable appetite for “The Saga.”

So, when I heard that something called VICE TV is dropping a doc entitled Icons Unearthed: Star Wars, I was not surprised. 

Well, I guess I was a little surprised it won’t air on Disney+, at least until I learned that Marcia Lucas — the editor of the original installments of the series — the ex-wife of The Maker, will appear on the show.

Awkward. But very interesting.

New Nostalgia

Deadline reported:

Marcia and George Lucas. Image:

Vice TV will world premiere the Nacelle Company’s new Icons Unearthed series July 12, with the first installment of a 6-hour deep dive into the Star Wars Universe.

“In Icons Unearthed: Star Wars Marcia Lucas, Oscar-winning film editor and ex-wife of George Lucas, sits down for her first-ever on-camera interview and provides unique insight into the rise of LucasFilm — including her 14-year marriage to and eventual divorce from George Lucas — the editing of the original Star Wars trilogy, the origin of the idea that Darth Vader would be Luke’s father and if there were really originally plans for nine movies,” wrote Tom Tapp. “Icons Unearthed: Star Wars also includes exclusive interviews with Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams, Paul Hirsch, Phil Tippett, Rick Baker, Ken Ralston, John Dykstra, Howard Kazanjian, Julian Glover, Ian McDiarmid, Gus Lopez, Tom Spina and many more. Icons Unearthed: Star Wars is narrated by Michael Pennington, who portrayed Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod in Return of the Jedi.”

Antony Daniels

We’ll Be Watching

That appearance list is comprehensive. Formidable.

Gotta wonder how much any of the folks, people still associated with Lucasfilm, will deviate from the party line.

Besides, the former Mrs. Lucas, of course. 

I’ll be watching if I can figure out where to watch.

Look for Icons Unleashed to debut July 12, 2022, at 10 p.m. ET on Vice TV.

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