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Have $110,000? Take a Disney Parks Trip Around the World

If you have over $100,000 just laying around and are a huge Disney fan let me present you with this. Adventures by Disney recently unveiled a new travel package called ‘Parks Around the World – A Private Jet Adventure’. Yes, you did read that correctly, a private jet adventure and not just any private jet adventure. You will spend 24 days traveling 6 countries and visiting every Disney Theme Park in the world. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

The trip starts in Anaheim and visits cities like San Fransisco where you will tour Lucasfilm Studios and stay at Skywalker Ranch. In addition to the Disney Parks around the world, you will also visit the Taj Mahal and Great Pyramids of Giza. If VIP access to all the parks wasn’t enough for you, tours in Japan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong are also available. The trip covers 68 meals and you are given world class accommodations at every hotel stop. Ever wanted to stay in the Grand Californian, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, and Grand Floridian in one trip? How about meet with Imagineers at every Disney Park? This trip has it all.

The full itinerary is present on the Adventures by Disney website. Here you can close your eyes and pretend you are currently flying thousands of feet in the air in a private Disney jet like I am. However, if you are lucky enough to actually consider this trip as a reality, booking starts on June 20th for all previous Adventures by Disney guests who have booked over 3 trips in the past. Then on June 22nd, all Adventures by Disney guests are allowed to book followed by Golden Oak members on June 24th and the general public on June 28th. However, act fast as only 75 guests are allowed to book a spot on a Disney fan’s trip of a lifetime.

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