Newly Created LLC Teases Something ‘Fantastic’ At Marvel Studios

It feels like eons since Marvel Studios announced that its Fantastic Four film. While the project recently lost its director and a release date has still not been announced, it appears that production might finally be ramping up.

According to The Ronin, a brand new LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) established by Disney and Marvel Studios could potentially belong to the long-awaited Fantastic Four film. Without getting into the legalese, an LLC is usually created for every time a new project enters development. Because these LLCs can go by any name, and the studio doesn’t always want the public to know all the projects they are working on, sometimes they give the LLCs codenames.

Some codenames are more obvious than others. Some offer hints as to what a project might be about. You might recall last August when the studio created one named Richmond Street Productions. With the address being in close proximity to the headquarters of the Midnight Sons, it was still speculated the LLC could be for a project for the superhero group or one of its many members.

Now, the latest LLC Marvel has created is titled 4vibes Productions. While it could be a totally misdirect, the “4” and the timing of its creation point to production on Fantastic Four finally being underway. Additionally, The Ronin revealed that the project will shoot in the United Kingdom, most likely at the company’s go-to Pinewood Studios.

The closest thing to a new iteration of the Fantastic Four that fans have gotten is John Krasinski’s cameo as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There has been no word, however, as to whether Krasinski will be the MCU’s official Reed or just a standalone variant.

More details are expected about the project and the rest of Marvel Studios’ upcoming (unknown) slate at D23 in the fall.

SOURCE: The Ronin

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